Selected Pubblications

Gesture-based human-machine interaction: taxonomy, problem definition, and analysis
A. Carfì, F. Mastrogiovanni
IEEE Transaction on Cybernetics, 2022

Exact and bounded collision probability for motion planning under Gaussian uncertainty
A. Thomas, F. Mastrogiovanni, M. Baglietto
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 7(1), 167-174, 2022

OWLOOP: a modular API to describe OWL axioms in OOP objects hierarchies
S.Y. Kareem, L. Buoncompagni, F. Mastrogiovanni
SoftwareX, 2021

Hand-object interaction: from human demonstrations to robot manipulation
A. Carfì, T. Patten, Y. Kuang, A. Hammoud, M. Alameh, E. Maiettini, A. I. Weinberg, D. Faria, F. Mastrogiovanni, G. Alenyà, L. Natale, V. Perdereau, M. Vincze, A. Billard
Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2021

MPTP: Motion-Planning-aware Task Planning for navigation in belief space
A. Thomas, F. Mastrogiovanni, M. Baglietto
Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 141, 2021

Human activity recognition models in ontology networks
L. Buoncompagni, K. Y. Syed, F. Mastrogiovanni
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2021

A hierarchical architecture for human-robot cooperation processes
K. Darvish, E. Simetti, F. Mastrogiovanni, G. Casalino
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An integrated localisation, motion planning and obstacle avoidance algorithm in belief space
A. Thomas, F. Mastrogiovanni, M. Baglietto
Intelligent Service Robotics, 14, 235-250, 2021