RICO-MR – I-RIM 3D Tutorial

Tutorial on RICO-MR, an open-source framework for using augmented reality in human-robot interaction.

5th Italian Conference of Robotics and Intelligent Machines

Date: October 21 2023
Time: 11.45 — 13.45
Address: Trade Exhibition Hub of Rome, Building 10, Room 160

RICO-MR is an open-source architecture that utilizes Mixed Reality and Head-Mounted Displays to communicate robots’ intentions to human teammates. The architecture has been designed with a focus on modularity and re-usability. Researchers and companies can access both binaries and source code, allowing them to adopt the architecture as a standalone solution or integrate it into more extensive implementations. Thanks to its scalability, the proposed architecture is well-suited for developing shared Mixed Reality experiences in complex collaborative scenarios involving multiple robots and human teammates.

In this event, we will present RICO-MR and provide a comprehensive overview of its technical aspects. Additionally, we will demonstrate its potential applications in industrial scenarios, involving both static manipulators and mobile robots.


10.45 – 11.50 Greetings
11.50 – 12.20 Introduction to RICO-MR and its potential
12.20 – 13.20 Hands-on tutorial
13.20 – 13.45 Questions and demo with Hololens V2

To make the most of this event, we recommend bringing your laptop with Unreal Engine 4.27 preinstalled.

Useful links

Unreal Engine 4.27 – https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/download
RICO-MR Code – https://github.com/TheEngineRoom-UniGe/RICO-MR
RICO-MR Article – https://arxiv.org/abs/2309.04765


Simone Macciò – simone.maccio@edu.unige.it
Mohamad Shaaban – mohamad.shaaban@edu.unige.it
Alessandro Carfì – alessandro.carfi@dibris.unige.it
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni – fulvio.mastrogiovanni@unige.it